The Competition: Apple’s 2014 Smartphone Lineup, From Android Colored Spectacles

One of the big new improvements is the adoption of NFC combined with Apple’s infrastructure, called Apple Pay. This might kickstart the NFC industry and widen the audience and this will be beneficial for everybody. I am disappointed that Apple’s control of NFC is kept deliberately tight, meaning that things such as file transfer and […]

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HTC One for Windows; those live tiles look neat.

The Competition: HTC One for Windows

For HTC, this is a win-win situation. Having invested in the manufacturing process of the One (M8), it is probably not too difficult to build the same hardware but install a Windows Phone operating system. I liken it to building an automobile with a 4.0L V8 and installing a 3.5L V6.

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Tilt Scroll for Rooted Android Devices

But now there’s a second option if your device is rooted and you have an accelerometer, you simply install the Tilt-Scroll app, which adds a system-wide Tilt-To-Scroll feature to your device , so it works with any application ; Therefore you don’t need to wait for your preferred app to implement tilt scrolling feature.

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