Samsung Tease Gear S2 Smartwatch

As to the software running on the Gear S2, it seems unlikely that Google would allow Samsung the opportunity to modify Android Wear, nor does this fit with Samsung’s push into using Tizen OS. T Hey, you’re new here! You may want to subscribe to our RSS feed so you can continue to get Android […]

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The Demise of Windows Phone

This week, Microsoft announced that it was shedding most of the jobs in its mobile division and reining in the smartphone business. Windows Phone isn’t dead, but instead the product range will be consolidated for the benefit of those customers heavily embedded in the Windows ecosystem and, from the sounds of it…

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Inateck OTG card reader hub 1

Inateck Card Reader + HUB Review

Sometimes, trying to connect an older USB device to a newer Android tablet simply results in the device not being recognized. there’s a much easier way to transfer data to and from your Android device from a memory card, which is perfect for using a digital camera and transferring the…

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