About ASM

Android started out in 2003 and was originally designed to be a smart camera operating system. Google bought Android in 2005 and the first Android smartphone, the G1 (or HTC Dream) was introduced in September 2008 via the T-Mobile carrier. Along with Android, we also saw third party applications, which allow users or customers to do more with their smartphone. Since 2008, Android has been evolved and improved along with the applications available for the platform. Today there are over a million applications available via the Google Play Store, many more via unofficial routes, and hundreds of different devices powered by Android. We’ve in-car infotainment, smartwatches, all-in-one computers, laptops, tablets, and of course smartphones.

We’ve built this website to help people get stuff done with their Android devices. We cover everything from common issues and problems you might encounter, workarounds, and of course what devices, apps and services that could help do things.

We also want to go one step further and connect users with developers, we would like to be the social media that connects customers with developers. For the customer, we want to give you the opportunity to communicate directly with the developer. For the developer, we want to give you genuine feedback from people who use your apps and services day in, day out.

Our team of writers will review apps, software and gadgets. They will speak to the developers and open up the forum for you to communicate too. We do offer paid featured reviews here at ASM but please note: a paid review does not change our opinion of the app, service, or feature. We will give our honest opinion. The developer will have the right to refuse the finished article.

Is there an app or developer you’d like us to reach out to? Leave us the information below and we will do our very best to get connected.