3 Reasons Why You Should Have Social Media + Android

On occasion someone will ask me, “Why? Why do I need a cell phone so that I can do the same things I am already doing from home while on the go from a 2 1/2 screen?” This post is to answer that question. Why should you invest in an expensive cell phone and pay the monthly fee for unlimited data service (mobile internet)? There are basically three HUGE reasons and here they are:android social media

    1. I am assuming that since you care at about Social Media Marketing that you must be an entrepreneur of sorts and have a desire for FREEDOM. The usual formula applies: TIME + MONEY = FREEDOM. Now here is the problem; if you are going to utilize social media and the internet to build your business how do you ever expect to acheive freedom while sitting in front of your computer? That would make for a great video on youtube as you sit in front of your computer for 10 hours a day and claim to live the ideal “lifestyle.” GET REAL!!!! Living a life of freedom requires leaving the computer desk and sometimes for days or even weeks at a time. The only way to live that true lifestyle of freedom as an internet marketer utilizing social media is via a good cell phone (Android of course) with mobile internet. ACCEPT IT.
    2. Using your android device (or any cell phone for that matter) will cut the amount of time you spend “working” your online business in half. WHAT??????? Are these Android Social Media guys claiming that if I will just get a nice Android device and get away from my computer for awhile that the total time I will work will be 1/2? YEP, YEP, & YEP. Let me explain this from a different angle. Half of the things you do while sitting in front of your computer “working” are in fact non-productive and time wasting. If you instead made the decision to operate your online business from your cell phone you would in fact eliminate the wasteful, non-productive activities because frankly they just aren’t as entertaining from a 2 1/2 inch screen. Make sense? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time out on an adventure/vacation/trip/golf course?
    3. Now, this is where you are going to have to really take my word for it. I PROMISE you that when you get your android device with unlimited internet access a whole new world will open up for you. Your life will change! It will be like the time when you got your first cell phone. It doesn’t take long before you start to wonder how you got along without it! You can scan barcodes to check prices of any item for sale locally and online. You have access to google maps with street view everywhere you go. You can use your own cell phone as a wireless router to connect with your laptop when out and about. Its not JUST social media. There is a whole world of endless exciting options waiting for you. Get plugged into it.


Jacob S. Paulsen

P.S. The image shows my primary desktop screen on my android phone. At my fingertips I have access to Facebook, twitter, myspace, friendfeed, linkedin, plurk, ping.fm, flickr, pixelpipe, delicious, google reader, google analytics, wordpress, & TONS more.

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