3 Top Android Health Apps. Working Out, Counting Calories, & Measuring Heart Rate

Taking care of your number one asset is as important a function as anything else you do and more than ever your Android phone is well positioned to support your physical goals. I’m going to share 3 apps that I find ideal to help me stay on track.

health1. Endomondo: There are a lot of high quality competitors in the exercise app category. I’ve personally used Sportypal, BuddyRunner, and Cardio Trainer. Endomondo meets all of my requirements. Its stable and reliable, available on all major smarth phone platforms, offers cycling and other exercise options beyond running, has audio notifications, auto-social sharing, allows importing and exporting of workout files, and Bluetooth heart rate monitor compatibility. What sets it apart from the other apps is its engaged online community. I like the option of adding friends, sharing workouts, creating teams, and competing in challenges. What could they do better… advanced options for audio notifications.

health2. Calorie Counter: This app developed by FatSecret.com is my favorite for keeping track of calorie intake. It will help you determine your goal intake (mine is 3500) by asking for height weight, age, weight goal, and activity level. Each time you eat something just open the daily journal and select Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack. Search by scanning the barcode of whatever you are consuming or search menus of popular restaurants. For made at home meals you can create a new food item by manually entering nutritional information or if you are as lazy as me, just search for “beef stew” or whatever you made. There is likely to be something similar to what you are having in the app memory. You can adjust your servings intakes by whole and fractional numbers. Creating / Exporting reports via email etc is very easy for submission to a trainer or doctor. The app also syncs with FatSecret.com to protect you against crashes or to facilitate the transition to another phone.

health3. Instant Heart Rate: When I work out I use a bluetooth Polar Heart Rate monitor which transmits to the Android phone and inputs into my Endomondo app above. When I’m not working out I still like to measure my heart rate regularly. I’ve been doing this ever since the benefits were outlined in “The Four Hour Body” by Timothy Ferris. The Instant Heart Rate app will tell you your heart rate by watching light pass through your skin. As blood passes through your skin the ability for light to pass through is changed as the “beat” is detected. This works well in a well lit area or on phones that allow the app to turn on your camera flash light. Just follow the instructions in the app.

Now if one developer could combine all three of these into one app… I’d buy it all day long.

Jacob S Paulsen

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