Accepting Credit Cards on Your Anrdoid Phone


I spent the last week or so investigating the number of different Merchant Services Apps available for download in the Android market. In all the private consulting I do its quite handy to have the ability to take credit card charges at all let alone on my phone while I’m on the go.

Essentially, and for the sake of argument, I found that there are two types of apps in this category. The first type are the apps that are designed to integrate your existing merchant account with Paypal or the like. The second type are the apps designed to provide you with a fully functioning and new merchant account. The problem I have with the first type are the simple expense of the affair. You have the cost of your existing merchant account which probably runs from $15 to $30 per month (paypal is $30) and then the additional expense of either the app download or the monthly fee to the app provider who marries your phone to your merchant account.

In order to decrease overall expenses and keep the system fairly simple I was on the look out for an app/account that would be minimum in expense and from which the app developer could provide me with a merchant account. After doing some basic research I chose Paynet.

creditPaynet’s app is very simple to use and free to download. I called them directly on the phone to start the application process and after 24 hours I was approved. They sent me a merchant number and after a few setup items online I got a mobile pin number that I used to activate the app. This entire process didn’t take anymore than an hour and its super easy to use. I can use the app or the online virtual terminal to process a charge and the system auto-generates and emails a receipt to the customer if you want. It also keeps a log of all the charges so you can view your past history.

The first charge I made was on a Friday and the funds were in my checking account by Tuesday of the following week. The best part: the monthly fee for EVERYTHING is $10!!!!!!!! I canceled my Paypal Virtual terminal on the spot and am now using this exclusively!

Thank you PaynetSystems for making this a great App and a great and affordable way to accept credit cards online or from my phone!

If you are going to look into this I recommend you just go to the site and start the application process by clicking here.

Jacob S Paulsen

If you are in the process of researching merchant accounts I am providing here some additional information you may want to consider.

If you know anything about merchant accounts then you know there are thousands of different providers online that are eager to take your money and set you and your business up to take credit cards. What are some of the different factors that you should consider when looking at Merchant Account providers:

  • Account Setup Fees
  • Per Transaction Fees (fixed rate fee per charge)
  • Processing Fees (% of each charge)
  • Monthly account fees (anywhere from $10 to $40 per month)
  • Escrow (Often they require a certain amount of money be held in a fund in case your customers request refunds)
  • Processing Speed (How long until the funds are in the bank)

If you go with the PaynetSystems solution I described below you will find the absolute best of all of these options!

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  • I already use Intuit’s online merchant services for my B2B mobile fleet reconditioning services here.. $12 per month iirc.. your article begs bit of research here now ;]]

  • I dont think paynet is good. They seemed very professional in the beginning, were very interested in getting my business, and responded quickly to my questions. THEN, they showed their true nature. Flagship Merchant Services is better.

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      David, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I’ve had nothing but good from paynet. I’ll check out Flagship though. Thanks for the comment!