Adobe Photoshop Express: Picture Editing for Android

As we all know, Adobe Photoshop has became one of the best and popular editing systems when it comes to the world of arts. Photoshop can be one of the key ingredients in producing great quality images. Also, it has became a hobby for a lot of people to edit or customize their photographs via Adobe Photoshop as it offers a wide range of options to edit your images. We have even coined the phrase “Photoshop It.” This handy application will add great power to your Android devices since it allows you to easily edit your photos right after you capture them. Although the mobile App is not that complete in terms of “Options” like the software on your computer, you will still not regret installing this on your phone. You can also share your edited photos right away to your Facebook, Twitter or any social sites etc. Easily convert your pictures in just one touch. One of the most popular effects that you can do with Adobe is the vignette blurr, pop, sepia, black and white and a lot more.

Nowadays, this type of App is not only for the people who are artistically inclined but also for anyone who is looking for a creative touch from their devices. Adobe Photoshop Express is an easy to use App so anyone can download it for free from the Market. Try it and share your touched up pictures with your friends.

Key Features Include:

– Edit creatively

– Share quickly

– Back up easily

Adobe Photoshop Express requires Android 1.5 or later versions.

The best things in life are free.


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