Android Apps for Sales Professionals

If you are a sales professional there are specific ways you can leverage your Android phone as a tool of productivity. While all sales positions are naturally different here are some apps and ideas that apply to most or many sales people.

Internal Systems

sales appsConnect with your management and/or HR team to see what applications may exist specific to internal tools and software your company may use. Most of the larger CRM systems like Base or Salesforce have great mobile applications for Android. Many sales organizations leverage project management programs like Basecamp or Pivotal Tracker and there are a number of apps that interface with these programs as well. Also look to see if programs used for payroll or expense tracking may have mobile applications you can download.


Sadly math is a part of the life of every sales professional. The default calculator app that came on your phone is probably sufficient for most calculations but here are two other calculators you might find helpful.

If you have to sell advertising based on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) then having a CPM specific calculator can be really handy. My favorite is Ads CPM and CPC Calculator.

If you have to deal with financing options for customers a good loan calculator can come in really handy. It makes it easy to quickly figure out payments for any loan period calculating in interest etc. Try out Simple Loan Calculator.

If you have to calculate orders in the field you may need a quality consulting calculator that can add in tax, shipping, and handling charges for you. There are a few decent apps like this and despite the pink icon I like this one the best. Consultant Calculator.

Calendar and Schedule

Keeping track of appointments and meetings is critical for sales people. You need the best tools to make sure you are on time and to ensure the greatest ease to enter new appointments on the go.

The default Android calendar application isn't always the best one. I'm very partial to the Official Google Calendar app which currently doesn't come installed by default on most devices. It is much easier to add new events with a cleaner interface, bigger buttons, and faster color coding.

Also consider adding a widget to your home screen that shows upcoming appointments. Google Calendar.

Task Lists

Sales people are balancing a lot of various and often diverse tasks as part of the sales and fulfillment cycle. Having a strong system and application for task management can make a huge difference. Here is a great article about the Strategies, tools, and Systems to task list productivity.

Choosing the right tool is important. You need a tool that you can access on the go from your phone but also from your desktop browser. If you work inside of the Google ecosystem then I would recommend using Google Tasks and the corresponding GoTasks app for Android.

Remote Access

As a sales professional you are often out of the office in those moments when you need access to a report, presentation, or invoice that is on your office computer. Let me recommend two apps that are bound to help this cause.

The first is Dropbox (Box or Google Drive are strong alternatives). Install Dropbox first on your office computer and use the Dropbox folder as your primary “My Documents” folder where you keep all your files saved. Then, with the Dropbox app on your phone you can access all those files to quickly open, edit, share, or send them. Eventually you will likely fill up the free memory allotment that comes with a new Dropbox account. You can pay for additional storage or just refer all your fellow salespeople and you get additional free storage with each referral. Download Dropbox.

The second is TeamViewer. TeamViewer is the best application I've ever used to allow one to remotely connect to a computer from another computer, tablet, or Android phone. This comes in handy when there are things to be done at the office that really do require using that computer. You must install this on your computer first and then setup a user account. Then install the Android application and you are rockin!

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