Android Bargain Shoppers Guide:: 3 Apps That Will Save You Money

Around this holiday season everyone is looking for a great deal. Follow the link below to download your copy of our Android Bargain Shopping Guide handout. We would love to hear your comments and stories about how you were able to save money utilizing the apps outlined in this guide.

Android Bargain Shopper’s Guide

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  • Hello i just had a alert from my firewall when i opened your website do you happen to know how come this occured? Could it maybe from your advertising or something? Thanks, really odd i pray it was harmless?

    • Benjamin,

      Thanks for your comment on our site. Two weeks ago our server was infected with malware that disrupted a lot of our pages but did not harm visitors to our site. We have spent a lot of time and resources into cleaning out the problems and safeguarding our site from future attacks.

      Some anti-virus systems may still have us listed in their cache system as infected but all live scans show us as clean. I’m confindent in saying that there is nothing to fear in the site and your computer was not harmed!

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  • I’m confused about this whole thing at moment. Need to save money big style!