Android Device Manager Locates and Rings Your Phone

Regular readers know that I'm really into security applications that allow you to locate your phone remotely in case of it being stolen or lost. For example I've reviewed Mobile Defense and Lookout in the past.

On August 2nd Google officially announced the release of the Android Device Manager. This online interface allows users to locate their device and remotely cause the phone to ring or erase all its data.

To get started just visit You will need to login with the same Google account associated with your Android phone or device. I feel ok with that level of security. This essentially means that access to the device manager is as secure as access to your Gmail, YouTube account, and other Google services.

android location security device managerOnce logged in you will be presented with a World Google Map and the locating of your Android device will begin immediately. You can rename your device if you think the technical name is just too lame. From there you can click on the “Ring” button to begin your phones ringing. The ringing will continue for 5 minutes or until the power button is pressed.

You can also wipe the device memory but this will require that you have enabled factory resets previously in your settings. All around the user interface is clean and simple. It worked well with my phone. Have you checked this out? What do you think?

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  • Rachel

    I just tried the Android Device Manager to see it it would work. I have my phone always set to either be on vibrate or silent because I am always in public places and did think to turn the sound on before I tried this out. So I logged in to the website and had my phone located. Clicked the RING button and my phone started ringing. I looked at my phone thinking maybe I did have no sound on. When I pushed the power button to turn it off. I checked and my phone was on vibrate as normal. So I decided let try silent to see if it would ring as well. Back to site click the RING and within a couple seconds phone starts ringing. This is a great thing to have I think I like it better then some of the other ones. Just having problems setting up the Erase Device setting on my phone. I still have to look on my phone for that location. I just what to say thanks for sharing this great information and I have the site booked marked.