Android Flights & Travel Apps Review

So far this year I have been through airport security 22 times and on 36 different airplanes. In fact I’m sitting at LAX right now thinking about the different apps that I utilize to make the travel easier and less painful. Mobile travel itineraries goes back as far as Smartphones. Since our website’s aim is toward the Android using Business Owner & Executive it makes sense that we review the best of the travel apps.

It is my opinion that the best apps to facilitate your travel are FlightStats and Tripit. Lets get into the details… is a free online platform to facilitate in the creating and tracking of travel itineraries. The genius of the system is that you do not need to manually enter your flight, hotel, or rental car info. When you get your confirmation email from any airline, hotel, or rental car company just forward that email to (assuming you have already setup your free account at and their system will crawl the emails to build you a chronological travel itinerary. Nothing could be easier.

travelAfter you have setup your account and forwarded your emails to tripit you should download the Android App from the Android Market. The app is free and does a good job of accessing and displaying your information. It also inserts directions and weather into your itinerary which is sometimes nice but mostly it annoys me.

The bad things about the app:

  1. It doesn’t store any of the information locally which means that every time you open it you will have to wait for it to download your travel itinerary. If you don’t have a connection (like while on the airplane) you can’t access the data.
  2. There is no widget available.
  3. It does not give current flight status. (Although it does have a flight status link that will open in your browser)

imageSo if you want to really go the extra mile I suggest downloading the Paid version of FlightStats from the Android Market. FlightStats does a lot of things that the Tripit app does not including:

  1. It stores the info locally making it available all the time and much faster to load
  2. It has a great 2×2 widget that displays upcoming flights
  3. It allows for immediate and local flight status updates both from within the app and from the widget on your home screen.

imageThe downside of FlightStats is that you have to manually enter all of the information. This makes for a lot of energy and effort compared to the ease of Tripit’s system. THE GOOD NEWS is that now FlightStats offers a Tripit Import Add on App that you can download for a small fee. This app works seamlessly to import a trip with its flight, hotel, and rental car info into the FlightStats application.

Now you have the best of two worlds. You can forward your travel emails to Tripit and then import your itineraries into FlightStats on your Android phone.

Jacob S Paulsen


NOTE:  The website also allows for a lot of social sharing features. Be cautious when sharing your travel information on networks such as Facebook that will allow anyone to know that you will not be home.

OTHER NOTE: If you are too cheap to buy the FlightStats app or it’s Tripit Import App, you can still setup a free Tripit account and download the Android app at no cost. This will just prevent you from having any actual flight updates or status info.

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