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Almost exactly a year ago we reviewed a Google Tasks app called gTasks. That app was at that time the only option available in the Android Market for users who wanted a to-do list that synced with Google Tasks. Today we are reviewing a new app that I stumbled upon earlier this week.

tasksWe found an app called GTasks by a developer named Dato. This app is in many ways similar to the gTasks we have used in the past. It offers a nice widget which can be displayed in various colors including black, green, blue, yellow, and white (screenshot shown here is black). The widget is available in a small (2×2) size and a large size. The widget can be set to display any one task list or all of your task lists and can be sorted by due date, your order, or by name.

The application itself seems to move quickly without any bugs or issues. It features a tab like menu across the top of the screen allowing you to slide from list to list or view all the lists combined. You can of course set the app to auto-sync (the default setting) or you can set it to only sync on open and exit.

Google Tasks Android AppOne of the greatest features about this app are the reminder options. My previous Google Tasks app did not feature any sort of reminders or notifications and I love it.

The app does have some ads running in the free version but if it really bugs you enough you can shell out the $6.99 for the ad free version.

When I asked the developer their future plans for the app they let me know that the next update will improve the widget, add the theme options, etc. A special thanks to great developers like this one!

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • kore sar

    TaskOS application also syncs with Google. And imo it’s better than gtasks.

  • kore

    I’ve also tried several tasks apps, and found TaskOS is the best at the moment.

  • Jonas

    I would also add BHive Google Tasks to that list. Especially for advanced users… it has the fastest task entry, most powerful sorting and filtering options, and the most flexible recurring tasks options.