Android & Kindle – Share Documents and Websites to your Kindle eBook Reader

I embrace technology and I'm one of those people with both a tablet (Nexus 7) and an eBook reader (Amazon Kindle). In some respects, having both is overkill, but there are occasions when the Kindle is a great companion to my Android devices.

The Kindle is designed as an eBook reader, although some also have limited web browser and music functions too. I use mine for reading and also for proof reading documents, because Amazon have given users the ability to send documents to it. You can also add other peoples' email addresses to your Amazon Kindle account to have other people send you documents too. And you can send documents directly from your Android devices if you have the Amazon Kindle app installed.

The function is easy to use. Simply hit Send or Share from your document and pick “Amazon Send to Kindle.” Then pick the device you want to send it to and the transfer means (WiFi is the default and free option, which I always use) and send it on its way.

But there's more. I spend a lot of time using a web browser and Google Chrome makes it much easier to synchronize web pages between devices, but there are times when I would like to read a web page on the Kindle. Thankfully, there's a great free little utility called “Send to Kindle” available on the Google Play Store. The app is tiny at under 300 KB and it just needs your Amazon email address, not the password. Once installed and configured you can Share a page from your web browser to your Kindle device and the app takes care of the formatting.

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