Android Productivity Apps for Doctors and Physicians

I have a brother who is an ER doctor. Recently he made the change to a new HTC Thunderbolt and I had to ask him what apps doctors use. He told me…

Looking Up Medicine, Drug, Disease, and Diagnostic Information on Android

doctorsWith so many new drugs and medications being developed all of the time I suspect it might be difficult for Doctors to keep up with all the new information. My brother’s favorite app is Epocrates. It used widely by all healthcare professionals and offers quick access to fast dosage information. As a parent this could also be handy with sick children or spouses. When you open the app you do have to create a free account but then you are off to the races.

He also likes PEPID. In many ways it is similar but I think its symptom checker is very innovative and easy to use. It also required a user account and will then prompt you to download the information database.

Other Convenient Android Apps for Doctors

My brother also has found the flashlight app very convenient. He uses it to look into patient’s eyes etc. He of course uses the calculator app frequently as well. He didn’t mention it but I might imagine that a common resource for doctors or for parents (who often have to make medical decisions) could be the WebMD app.  Designed more for non medical professionals WebMD is a huge resource of medical information for living a healthy lifestyle and for treating sickness and disease.

Whatever your situation, getting some of these apps setup on your phone could save you some time in an emergency situation… otherwise you might end up talking to the doctors anyway.

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