Android Twitter Apps – Best Comparison of Twitter Apps For Android

Today I set out to test out more Android Twitter applications. Its been a little while afterall and we have to assume that developers will improve their apps and come out with new ones.

I tested 15 total apps of which most were free. I only purchased the two paid apps that had the highest user ratings. I don’t see much need to discuss those apps that didn’t meet the standard but let me lay out the few that I feel really pass the test.

Twidroid. We have talked about this one before and it continues to be my favorite. I use it for my personal twitter account (@jacobspaulsen) and it is the very best at running in the background. It will always notify you when you have new replies, dms, etc. Lots of ways to change configuration settings makes it the most customizable. By far the most options and flexibility.

Twit2go. This one was new to me today and I’m impressed so far. I’m hopeful that it will truly run in the background and the interface is nothing short of beautiful. I had a couple of force close issues because I kept telling it to refresh, not knowing it does it automatically. It doesn’t show you that its working but with a little faith on my part it did its job perfectly without me hassling it.

Itweet. This is probably my very favorite interface and while the app has great features I have 3 issues with it. First it costs money and while I’m always willing to pay for good work, I don’t see any need with all the great free apps available. Second, It doesn’t truly run in the background. You have to remember to open it every once in awhile to keep it checking for replies and DMs. Third, it takes up a lot of space.

TwitterRide. Well this is an ok app giving you all the twitter functions that you need in a light app but once again it doesn’t run in the background. Only if its running will you receive notifications.

Swift. Not yet available in the market the promising twitter app from is already available for download from their site. It looks a little on the big size but I’m loving it so far. The interface is certainly good looking enough and the functionality seems to be all there. I will cross my fingers for the next few days hoping it will truly run in the background and if it does… you can be sure you will hear more about this app from me.

That’s it for today. Let me know if you use a different app that you think the world of!

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  • I have tried all of the g1 twitter apps and have my top 3 they are,twidroid1st,yapyap(just got it has limited usage no gps or pic uploading but the ui is awsome love little bubbles) and twit2go as 3rd…check out yapyap lmk what you think..dan_breaux1911

  • Thanks for the review. I have been looking for a quality roundup review for a while.

  • Dan

    I Tweet! does too run in the background. I’ve been using it for months, and I was constantly getting notifications of new @’s and DM’s. I Tweet! is also better on battery life than Twidroid.

    The only issue I have with I Tweet! is that you can’t store to the SD. I had to remove it and reinstall it last night after it had ballooned to almost 10 mb!!

    • admin

      What I’ve noticed Dan is that if I turn off the phone and then turn it back on Itweet will not begin running until I’ve opened it. Once I open it manually, then it automatically runs in the background. Is your experience different? If you power cycle your phone and don’t manually start itweet does it still notify you?

  • ososxe

    Swift does run in the background, and I find it a top app, but I haven’t been able to do something that Twitdroid does flawlessly: take a pic to upload within the app., it never attachs the pic. I had to take first the pic, then share it via Swift for it to work.

    • Yeah they have made a lot of improvements to the Swift app since we wrote this. Also worth noting is that Twidroid has also made changes. They now have a lite and full version app. Main difference is that the full version supports multiple accounts.

  • darcy

    Uber social it allows cross posting too Facebook runs in the background supports move to sd. Has a clean customizable tabbed browsing