Android, Your New iPod MP3 player

Our site content generally surrounds the realms of social networking, internet marketing, and general productivity from the Android device and so many will think this post is out of place but I don’t think so.

ipodA smartphone is designed to combine cell phones and PDAs into 1 device, but the latest smartphones including the Android also combine the popular MP3 device. While many will see this as a chance to carry around their favorite music we would encourage you to use this feature to grow and develop. Load audiobooks onto your Android and listen wherever you are. The built in music player app is very good although many fancier options exist in the Android Market.

The Video Player app seems to be your best option to watch standard video files. FormatFactory is a great freeware program for ripping your DVDs into Android compatible video files but almost any software will do the trick. There are also a handful of youtube downloader apps in the market that will permit you to download your favorite and most inspiration videos to your sd card.

On my 2GB sd card I can fit a full standard audiobook and 3 full movies in addition to all the pictures and other files that fit on the card. Regardless of your past experience with Ipods or other MP3 devices I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunity that you carry in your pocket to learn and grow from good books and movies that you can fit onto your SD card!

Jacob S. Paulsen


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  • Joy

    Thanks for the info about ripping DVDs.
    I haven’t tried it but I do love listening to audio books.
    Oh yes, & you get massive points for the “Folding Chair” hehe 😉

  • Amanda

    what about battery issues? i would love for the G1 to replace my ipod but i have enough trouble keeping the battery going all day long….am i missing something?

    • Valid point but I will say this… using the music player uses an impressive little amount of battery power. Seriously…. it really doesn’t run it down.

  • There is a very nice audiobook player on the Android which supports playing many audio files as a single seamless audiobook, and has a automatic bookmarking history that tracks your place across all the files and lets you undo and redo to go back to any location where you previously started or stopped listening in the audiobook. The free version of this player called Ambling BookPlayer Lite is available on the Android Market and supports automatically downloading free LibriVox audiobooks. Many of the free LibriVox audiobooks are also very good.