EasyTether Pro – Internet Tethering for Dummies [App Review]

One of the nice things about smartphones is the ability to surf the internet. An added feature is the ability to tap into your phone’s data connection through your computer to use the internet. However, this usually comes at the expense of an extra monthly fee and a data cap. Right now the going rate for phone tethering on Verizon is $20 for 2 gigs of data. If you go over they tack on another 2gigs for yet another $20. The great thing about developers working on an open source OS such as Android is that they can develop their own ways around this. Enter, tethering apps.

These apps are designed to use a work around to connect to the internet through their data connections without paying the extra fee. For those with an unlimited data plan this is great, however, for those with a limited plan this can cause trouble as it's quicker to burn through data on a computer. It may be too for those with unlimited packages as carriers are now checking data usage of their customers. Those who have unlimited connections and are suspected of using tethering apps will lose their unlimited data plan. But for those that need a data connection for an email here or there these apps are worth a look. For the sake of this article I will be focusing on EasyTether Pro.

Tethering Set-Up & Features

For a onetime fee of $9.99 you can get this app. Unlike other tethering apps you don’t get a text messaging function through your computer or any other added features. This is simply an app to connect you to the internet. The first time the app is ran a setup dialog pops up. This is a step-by-step guide to getting it set up. Follow it and you’ll be connected in no time.



For the most part, connectivity was quick and responsive. Load times were similar to that of a normal 3g connection. Downloads weren’t the fastest but sufficient. Some streaming worked well. Pandora had no hang ups however I wouldn’t recommend using Hulu or Netflix. If you tried to load too many (6+) pages at once the connection dropped. If you get a phone call your connection drops but this is normal of any tethering, at least on Verizon. But I was able to send emails, and work on documents through Google Docs. This article is even being written via my tethering connection.


Tethering apps allow you to pirate the data connection you paid for but carriers won’t allow you to use for anything other than your phone. While some aren’t cheap the onetime fee outweighs the monthly fee carriers charge for a tethering package. EasyTether Pro offers the bare minimum in terms of features but offers a stable connection and relatively quick speeds. It is a perfect app for business folk on the go who need a connection to fire off emails and work on documents. For those who want a great app for tethering I recommend buying it now. Hit the link below to download.

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  • One thing I forgot to mention in this article was that Verizon and most other carriers are now having these tethering apps listed as not being supported by the carrier. So basically either you have to get it from a third party app store such as the Amazon Appstore. Here is a link to article about the app blockage.

    App’s being banned – http://goo.gl/CQkLH

    Amazon Appstore Link – http://goo.gl/nx7AX