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Lets be honest developing apps for mobile platforms is still difficult. Even the more tech savvy among us are still not comfortable diving into C++ (a widely used developing language) to crank out an app. Even those who do have the know how have to fumble with coding from scratch for each unique mobile platform.

When I first discovered Appmethod I was skeptical. I've heard the story before, “our application makes it easy to build apps for multiple platforms” but Appmethod actually delivered on what they promised. Check out this short video to get a glimpse of their solution:

As you can see it really has become much easier to work toward your development goals with Appmethod. The latest release also includes an Android Free Forever plan that developers can use to publish to any store (IE Google Play, Amazon App Store, etc). You can even develop for wearables which seems to be the next horizon of app development.

One of the more unique and powerful features of Appmethod is their library of buttons and icons to help build out the user interface without any code. Listviews, tab management, and over 100 cross-platform UI controls faciliate a fast development experience.

An industry that was previously exclusive to a select few is about to break open. As a professional or business owner its time to ask yourself how you can leverage mobile technology to make yourself a utility in the life of your target consumers. If you can create value you can also capture attention of consumers and that is the biggest asset is today's cluttered market.

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