ASM User Manual Version 3 Available: “How to” Business Online W/ Android

businessWe have just released the 3rd version of our Android Social Media User Manual. This downloadable E-book is designed to help traditional business owners as well as internet marketing professionals get their business online and maintain it on the go with their Android cell phone. Our user manual talks about productivity and syndication tools that make it easier to maintain social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. If you need help getting your email setup or need advice on how to get your business additional traffic or exposure online this no cost user manual is for you. We never pretend to be very good at writing but I think you will find the content useful. Version 3 includes many updates including:

  • Email Marketing best practices and Android Apps
  • How to grow a following on Facebook and Twitter
  • Android merchant services apps for credit card processing
  • The new check-in craze. Foursquare as an advertising tool and Android App
  • A complete list of Social Media sites and their corresponding Android Apps.
  • Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks productivity tools and tutorials
  • Frequent Flier Android apps

There is no cost to download the Android Social Media user manual and we protect your email privacy. We will only send you additional emails when new versions of the User Manual become available!

If you have received a previous version of the User Manual you should already have received an email with version 3. If you have not, please check your Spam and Junk mail folders before proceeding to our contact page.

The up to date user manual can be requested on the home page of our site:

Jacob S Paulsen

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