Auto SMS: Automatic Text Message Reply and Mangement for Android

Like so many people, I've come to rely on my Android smartphone. It is my everyday companion and I use it to pick up and reply to business emails, including file attachments. I use a couple of business-specific applications including Yammer, I make and receive calls, and of course I send and receive text messages. More and more people are contacting me via text message, which is something I encourage as it's less intrusive than calling.

One of my favorite applications is Auto SMS, a great utility for working with text messages. So let's take a look at the application, which is available free but supported by adverts, or as an ad-free version with additional features. I'll be looking at the free version of the app and touching on the extras available if you're happy to pay the upgrade.

The free version of Auto SMS is based around the ability to send an automatic reply to an incoming text or call if you are not able to answer immediately. To do this, you create profiles based around a response text message. Profiles can be set to only respond to certain numbers, such as contacts in your ‘phone or your own manually added list of numbers. You may also set an automatic schedule so that profiles are active on certain days or between certain times.

One very powerful feature is the ability to have Auto SMS put your ‘phone into silent mode when activating a profile. This is a quick and easy way to flip the “do not disturb” sign on your handset, for example when going into a meeting.

You can have Auto SMS read out incoming text messages when they arrive, great if you are driving and using a hands-free kit.

One surprisingly useful function is the ability to tell the app to not reply to a message if you read it inside a given time, so it means Auto SMS can act as a call and text filtering system. I use this if I am between appointments and I have a message come in that I can quickly deal with.

Auto SMS comes with a very useful widget feature, which you can customize to toggle one of your profiles. You can use as many widgets as you want, each individually labelled. This is my favorite Auto SMS feature and highlights the reason why Android is very easy to use and work with.

The NoAds version of Auto SMS costs just £1.26 in the UK and as well as removing the adverts, offers extra features, including the ability to announce callers, the ability to backup and restore data and to provide location information in a response.

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