Best Free Android Widgets Part 2

widgetsIn December I wrote the post “My Favorite Free Android Widgets” and since then that post averages about 17,000 views per month. With that kind of popularity I thought we deserve an update. There are still several of those same apps & widgets on my phone today but I have found new and better widgets!

I use a Travel app called Flight Stats to keep track of upcoming flights and other travel arrangements. Flight Stats is the very best at helping you organize your travel itineraries including hotels, rental cars, and flights. The widget displays your upcoming flights along with times and statuses. You can update or refresh the widget at any time by touching the refresh button in the top right of the 2×2 widget.

I use the gTasks app to manage my own to-do list. gTasks syncs with gmail’s built in Task Manager program that can also be found on your online Google Calendar. imageThere is a free and paid app available from the developer. The added value in the paid app is the auto-syncing capabilities. The paid app is not available in the Android Market so you have to buy it and download it from the dev’s website. The widget is 2×2 and can display your full list or any sub-list of tasks.

On my previous post I talked about a calendar widget called the Android Agenda Widget. I no longer use it. I am now using a new widget called CalWidget. It offers every combination of different sizes of widgets to fit the space you have available on your screen. This is an improvement over the new default calendar app that now comes with newer versions of Android. It is very clean and they have updated the widget several times since I first downloaded it to increase performance.

imageFor those other travelers or international business men check out an app called WorldWideTime. This is of course a world time clock to display and monitor time zones. The widget (2×1) can be a great resource as a quick reference to the local time date and more in any city in the world.

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  • Having n1 and all the wonderful applications is slowly weaning me away from MS & MSO. But Google has to move faster than it does to get there.