Big Update to Google+ App Interface

google+The Google+ Android app has been updated. Sadly, I feel that the changes are not as good as they were in the recent update of the iOS version but just the same I think you will be excited about the changes to the interface.

Everything feels better spaced out and less cluttered. Images are rendered better and all around its much easier to see and post photos. Beyond some of these aesthetic changes I think the most significant updates are these new features that have been added to the mobile application of this growing social network.

  • Start a Hangout – Before you could join hangouts but only now can you initiate them with your circles and contacts.
  • Edit Your Posts – Typing on a small virtual keyboard isn't getting any easier for me, so I'm very grateful for the new ability to edit my posts without having to go to my desktop computer every time I screw something up.
  • Download and Save Photos – You can now download images directly from posts when the poster hasn't restricted it. That makes it easy to quickly share a funny picture via text message with your friends.

These seem to be the most significant additions to the Google+ application. If you haven't already installed the update now would be a good time!

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