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Over a year ago we reviewed a great Android app for shortening URLs. Part of the reason we shorten URLs is so that we can track the level of engagement with that link. I have been waiting a very long time for a decent app to enter the Android market that will slow me to check the stats and analytics for my links. The most popular service for shortening and tracking URLs is

There is no official application and there it’s a huge lack of apps out there that call on the API at all. Only one I could find allowed users to both shorten links and check the analytics for  already shortened links and it is called Bitdroid.

Sadly, Bitdroid really comes up short on features and performance. It does show you the 10 most recently shortened links but the displayed stats are limited.

mobile bit.lyI think this of one of those instances where using the mobile wap site is far better than any app currently available in the Android Market. has a great mobile friendly site that auto-detects mobile browsers. It could be the excuse that keeps them from developing a apps for mobile phones.

After you login to the mobile site the first thing you see is a form to help you shorten new URLs. Immediately below the shortening form are the 10 most recent URLs you have shortened. If 10 isn’t good enough you can scroll to additional pages with the next link at the bottom of the page.

The best part of the mobile site is the analytics page and details. All of the charts and stats that you can access from the desktop site. You can for example pull the total number of clicks for various time periods including Total, Past 30 Days, Past 14 Days, Past 7 Days, Past 24 hours, and Past Hour. mobile statisticsYou can also see the Referrers detail. It will tell you from where the site visitors are finding and clicking on your link. The highest referrer for most of my shortened links is always Twitter since I most of my Twitter posting tools use the API.

You can also view statistics based on visitor location broken down by country. There are quick links to share, preview, and access the QR code for each shortened link as well.

I like and I like their mobile site… a lot. But I would still prefer a high quality application from the organization.

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