Blipp: Mark Locations With Pictures For Your Social Network

blipp android picture social appI downloaded the Blipp app recently because I thought the premise was very fun. Sometimes I get nervous about new social based applications because I feel like we are really maxed out. Blipp is a little different from many applications like that because it lives within Facebook as an application and doesn't require that I setup a new profile on a new website. I love the idea of creating semi-sentimental markers on the map of places that mean something to me and discovering places that mean something to my friends.

My Experience In Getting Setup

When I first opened the app I hit the register button and it quickly had me accept the Facebook permissions to get started. I'm currently the only of my Facebook friends to use Blipp so I didn't see any other markers on the map besides the one indicating my current location. As I start adding new Blipps I'm excited for my friends to catch onto the idea and share their most memorable places.

Historical Markers

I'm a bit of a nut for US History so I immediately went into the application settings and turned on the Historical markers. There is a $1.99 charge to activate this service and it includes historical markers for the USA. I'm down. The app lit up quickly with a lot of historical places near me. When I tap on these it pops up a short description with an option to read more on the web. VERY COOL.

Placing my First Blipp

I was driving past the Denver Broncos stadium and thought this would be a good place to place my first Blipp. As a child I saw my first baseball game when my family came to a Rockies game (which at that time was played in the Broncos Mile High Stadium). To add a Blipp you just long press on the map where you want to mark it. A popup like window opens and you add the details which includes the address (auto-populated), title, and description. You can of course add a picture and tag any of your Blipp friends who may have been a part of that memory. When you add the Blipp you can choose to share your Blipp on Facebook.

Summary of Blipp for Android

I love the concept. I'm a little sentimental and I love the idea of placing markers around the map that mark the most important places in your life. As soon as I get my friends Blipping I will be able to share in their fondest memories as I experience the world. Enjoy!

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