Buildings: A Tourist Encyclopedia for Android Devices

Buildings is an App dedicated for everyone who has a passion for Architecture or Landmarks in different locations. It provides a map, great images and information about a structure. Buildings for Android is composed of more than 40,000 buildings accross the globe so you can learn a lot of things at your fingertips. This App is not only intended for Professionals who are in the field of Design & Architecture. As i said, it was designed for everyone that's why it has a very simple interface and a very unique look. The architecture in the app’s database supplies information, images and videos about historical buildings and modern architecture, which have been crowd-sourced from architects from around the world. In particular I think it makes a great addition to any tourist plans or activities you have. Learning about buildings is often a big part of tourist adventures.

Key Features:
– Get directions to interesting architecture nearby
– Add photos to buildings you are visiting
– Make comments, checkin and also share with your friends
– Shows you daily featured buildings from around the world

Isn't it nice to know something from the past? Something that is older than us and impossible to believe easily. Great Architecture is interesting and you can find it here.

The best Things in life are free.


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