Calculations App Does Conversions of All Types on Android

I hate math and have yet to find a real life need for a calculator more effective than the one that came stock on my Android. That having been said there are plenty of other types of calculations I need to do on a regular basis.

Check out the Calculations app for Android. There are plenty more places the developer could take this. I really like the mortgage calculator that is built in. There are a lot of different variables that are important when calculating a mortgage payment and there are a shockingly low number of mortgage calculators that are any good in the Android Market.

The app also features a tip calculator but honestly… do you really need a calculator to figure out 15 or 20% of your bill?

This app can complete the following calculations and conversions:

  • Currency converter for up to 10 selected currencies
  • Measurement converter for lengths, area, temperature, volume, weight, and time
  • Mortgage calculator with points, insurance, maintenance, taxes, bi-weekly vs. monthly payment, and amortization schedule, which is available in the Pro version only
  • Tipping calculator to quickly see a range of percentages based on your bill and service quality to determine a tip

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