Calling All “Task List” Android App Developers

Google TasksOk, I don't do this type of post too often but I'm just getting tired of not finding what I'm looking for. I have been an Android user since the T-Mobile G1 and I've been using Google Tasks even longer and I've never found an application that actually does everything I need it to do. Since Google seems determined to ignore Google Tasks I have been dependent on the third party developers who use the Google Tasks API to give me alternative mobile applications that sync with Google Tasks. There are many good ones but none that do all that I need (ok there is really some WANT) them to do.

With any luck one of the current developers could just make a few updates to their app and make my life so much happier.

Here are the features I so desperately want:

  1. Obviously it must sync with Google Tasks
  2. Must sync with multiple Google Accounts
  3. Must allow me to view tasks by list, all by account, or all regardless of account
  4. Must allow me to sort by due date
  5. Must allow me to build out repeating tasks
  6. Must allow for reminder/notifications by a specific time with traditional Android notification features (popup, notification bar, sound/vibrate)
  7. Widgets are nice but not necessary
  8. Allow me to clear completed tasks

The place where most of the current applications fail is number 3. READERS if you are aware of an app that currently does this please tell me about it in the comments!

DEVELOPERS please make whatever changes needed to make me happy and tell us about it in the comments.

GOOGLE do you remember Google Tasks? It could use some love!!

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