Chances Are Your Insurance Provider Has An App

Google PlayThe Affordable Health Care Act of 2013 has moved a large number of people to change insurance providers or to newly obtain health insurance. Every driver on the road has automotive insurance and considering how much advertising is driving us to switch its getting less likely that anyone stays with one provider for too long. Regardless if you have changed providers recently or not, the odds are high that all your insurance providers have a mobile app available for Android.

All the largest providers like All State, State Farm, Progressive, Geico, Allied, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, and Nationwide all have apps available for Android. It only recently occurred to me to even bother looking to see if my provider had an app and when I downloaded it and logged in I was impressed with the utility. Each application is of course unique but here are some of the more common features I discovered in researching these applications:

  • Search for network providers
  • Start a new insurance claim
  • Check status on claim
  • Get information about your local agent
  • Contact information for the provider
  • Auto Accident checklist and suggestions
  • Access your insurance card(s)
  • Roadside Assistance
  • See your coverage
  • Access Personal history
  • Pay bill
  • Access and edit account profile

Open Google Play today and do a search for your insurance provider and see what great utility they have provided with their mobile application.

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