Check the Road Conditions with Traffic Cam Viewer

imageI have lived my entire life on one side or the other of the Rocky Mountains. Winter weather and bad roads are just part of the life here. I really love the traffic features of Google Maps on my Android but sometimes I have to just see the roads to really have a clear idea of the conditions.

I have had various traffic cam apps from time to time since getting my first Android phone. Some of my old favorites are no longer available but I’m happy with Traffic Cam Viewer for Android.

I love having the matrix (9×9 grid) view which quickly shows me my pre-selected favorite cameras. This gives me a full picture of what to expect on my way into work. I also have programmed in a few cameras near relatives homes so I know in advance if they are going to have adverse conditions when traveling.

imageSelecting any one of my favorite cameras brings it to a larger screen. Its easy to share a “screenshot” of the most recent traffic cam image with people via email, sms, etc. Most traffic cameras take still shots at regular intervals and within this app it is loading the most recent still shot taken by that traffic cam. However, there are a few cameras that actually transmit live video and in those cases it does stream on this app.

Searching for new cameras is very easy. You select the country, state, and region. Then scroll through a list of available cameras in the region. Selecting any one of them will generate a preview. If its the camera you are looking for just click on “add.”

I generally try to find free apps when possible that will serve my purpose. This app is only $0.99 so I came really close 🙂



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  • bbcicamica

    I can see how helpful this application can b but totally useless if there r no traffic cameras installed on yur usual rout.