Contactive: Most Effective and Complete Caller ID Solution

About a week ago I started using Contactive. This is one of those applications that is so innovative that you expect that Android might incorporate many of the features into the stock UI sooner than later. I've tried a handful of applications in the past that promised to be good for caller ID or contact management but most of them are too heavy, too slow, or just fully unreliable. Contactive is none of those things.

The Android Caller ID Solution

ContactiveWhen you get a phone call Contactive pulls from your social networks, contact list, online directories, and Contactive's proprietary database to give you the caller ID information. This is helpful all around but my two favorite features is seeing the picture for many contacts from my social networks whose pictures I don't have on my phone. My other favorite feature is the database of SPAM/Junk calls that come from robo-dialers and telemarketers. Contactive almost always nails them and when they don't you can identify them after you hang up the call so that future callers get the benefit of knowing.

Along those lines, Contactive prompts you with the contact card of each caller immediatly following a call. This is helpful especially when I just finished talking to someone I need to add to my address book. Quickly type in the name and hit save and I won't have to scroll through call history reports later in order to find the phone number.

I've also been saved a few times when a call came in from a friend who is on vacation or attending a convention. Before answering the phone, Contactive displays the person's most recent update from social networks. This makes me sound really intelligent and in tune when I answer the phone and ask them how the event is going. Love that!

The developers are in New York and the app is getting a lot of praise from Cnet, Techcrucnh, and more. I think this is one you will be hearing a lot more of…

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