Craigslist Mobile: Buy and Sell


I recently moved into a loft downtown and realize I needed to eliminate pieces of furniture and items I have collected thru the years. So I decided to post it all to Craigslist.

I started taking pictures with my android phone and sending them to my PC. After about the 5th post, this process was taking to long.

So that’s we’re the search for a quicker way started, I browsed apps in Google Play and downloaded a few. After trial and error, I found Craigslist Mobile to work really well. Not only was I selling, I was buying too, since the ability to browse thru items was so easy.

20120707-042141.jpgBack to why I downloaded. Craigslist Mobile gave me the ability to:

  • list items to their respective category
  • take up to 4 pictures of item
  • set an asking price
  • set location to sell item
  • give a description of item
  • then post directly to Craigslist




20120707-044306.jpg This process was so easy that I listed all sorts of things, I had a virtual garage sale. The good thing is I made a lot of money off a free Google App.

So if you are looking for a way to post your unwanted money making items to Craigslist, download from the link below:
Craigslist Mobile

Have some fun and maybe make some money for the new Nexus Tablet!

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