Design Dimensions: Android Database of Common Item Dimensions

Do you know the dimensions of your sofa sets, kitchen sink, cabinetry, or any existing furniture in your home? I bet not and well me neither. In my field of work, it is a necessity to know each dimensions of furniture to be created or purchased simply for the reason of accuracy and planning. Design Dimensions is a very helpful tool in determining the sizes of our household furniture and even standard sizes of transport vehicles. Isn't it great to have all these things in your pocket? As I am using this App, I realized that this is not only for the people who are in the design field. In fact, it is also designed for ordinary people who might have an interest in home improvement projects etc. It's amazing to be able to at least have an idea of everything around us as these things are a big part of our everyday life. Knowing the dimensions is not so much a hassle because this App is readable and clear enough for the curious eyes.

The Design Dimensions app contains a library with an extensive database of common from tennis courts to computers. Contractors, builders, students, realtors, homeowners, and other professionals can benefit from this tool.

Searchable Design Dimensions Categories:

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Ramps, Handrails, Bathrooms, Wheelchairs, ect.
  • Appliances Air conditioner, Dishwasher, Microwaves, Washing Machine, ect.
  • Small Appliances Blender, Hand dryer, Ironing board, Toaster, ect.
  • Construction Materials Anchor bolts, Bricks, Floor Joists, Glue lam beams, ect.
  • Electrical Outlets, Switch plates, Breaker boxes, ect.
  • Electronics:Computers, Monitors, Televisions, Speakers, ect.
  • Furniture: Bookcases, Cabinetry, Chairs, Tables, ect.
  • Lighting: Fluorescent lights, Lamps, Exit lighting, ect.
  • Plumbing: Bathtub, Hot tub, PVC Pipe, Sinks, Water heaters, ect.
  • Recreation: Baseball field, Basketball hoop, Tennis court, ect.
  • Transportation: Cars, Parking spaces, Rafts, Trucks, ect.
  • CAD Scale Factors: Architectural and Engineering scale factors for CAD
  • Material Weights: gives the weight of various building materials

Give it a try and you might plan to rearrange your furnitures all by yourself.

The best things in life are free.

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