Double Twist Makes Android Desktop Computer Syncing Easy

syncingFor the first time ever my wife beat me to the punch with Android. She texted me last week to ask if I had ever heard of Double Twist for Android. When I said I hadn’t she suggested I check it out. I’ve been blown away.

The easiest way to describe Double Twist would be to say that it is to Android, as iTunes is to the iPhone. In fact after you install the program on your computer (available for both PC and Mac) you will do a double take because it looks so much like iTunes that they are almost hard to tell apart.

Double Twist will auto display all your computer’s media including music and videos. It will also import your playlists from iTunes if you have any setup.

Double Twist also integrates with Amazon’s MP3 store just like your Android device. It makes it SUPER easy to browse and find new albums and music. (Take that Apple.) In fact one of the advantages of Amazon is that they don’t super encrypt their music files so you won’t have a difficult time moving music files to different devices and playing the back.

Double Twist also has an integrated podcast and RSS subscription library. I dare say I like it even more than the iTunes equivalent and this was very needed for Android. Previous attempts at apps for podcast subscriptions have either been huge failures or have not included video podcasts.

You can set Double Twist to auto sync your media. You can choose to sync any of the following: pictures, music library or individual playlists, videos or individual video playlists, and podcast subscriptions.


When you plugin your phone Double Sync will automatically open and mount your SD card. In fact I would say this has been the only negative part of my experience. Sometimes when I plugin my phone I just want to charge it and not mount it, but on those occasions its easy enough to turn USB off on the phone. Double Twist will also display your phone as a connected device just like iTunes.

The software is in beta but you don’t need an invitation to download it. If you like the desktop software you may consider downloading the Double Twist app from the Android Market. Its a very nice music and video player and is especially handy if you are syncing podcasts.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Lukas

    It’s a pitty, that this app is not for Linux:(

  • Guamedo

    Why do they say “PC and Mac” when they mean “MS-Windows and MacOS”?

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Guamedo, I suppose I use the term PC & Mac because most of the visitors to this blog are not tech savvy. Most of our readers are small business owners and marketing professionals and I feel that those terms would be more readily understood than “MS-Windows” or “MacOS” by our readers who may not understand operating system nomenclature. Thanks for the comment!

  • Theo

    You can stop DoubleTwist from auto mounting if you disable the ‘Auto USB drive’ option on the phone’s DT app.

  • Steve

    I have to say I have been using android for a while and have been using double twist along with it and I believe it’s great! The fact that it auto searches for files on your computer is great, itunes doesnt play well with other files so yea, take that apple!