Downloading YouTube videos and Songs onto Your Android

UPDATE: In the 48 hours it took me to write and publish this post the apps mentioned below were removed from the Android Market. Sorry!!!! This tends to be the pattern as I mentioned in my opening paragraph so, try searching the market for “youtube downloader” and with any luck there will be something new available for you to download. Once on your phone it is SUPER rare that Google will go to the effort to remotely deleting it off of your device unless it is malicious.

There have been many apps that come and go in the Android Market in reference to downloading videos on YouTube. Once you download an app onto your phone you doesn’t go away just because it is removed from the Android Market. It seems to be common for these types of apps to be removed from the market not too long after they appear. Thus, in the last several years it seems that every time I get a new device or do a hard reset I have to search the Android Market for a new YouTube Downloader app. Sorry if you are reading this and cannot find the mentioned apps currently in the market.

Download YouTube Videos on Android

download youtubeRight now I’m using an app called “TubeMate.” TubeMate is very easy to use and is among the most reliable of the YouTube download apps I’ve ever used. When you see a video that you want to download onto your phone just select the share option from the menu. When the window pops up with all the various methods to email, text, or upload the link; just select the TubeMate option and it will begin the download right away.

Download Music / Audio from YouTube on Android

Something else that I’ve also found helpful is the TubeMp3 app. It is used in the same way as the TubeMate app except that it is used to download only the audio file from the YouTube video of choice. This can be handy if you need the audio from a video but don’t have the need of the video itself. It saves me time of having to extract the audio file manually.

Whatever your purpose for downloading YouTube videos on your Android phone, and we hope it’s an ethical one, we are confident that you will have a great experience with both TubeMate and TubeMp3. I love YouTube!

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