Droidsense – Google Adsense on Android

Our friends who developed DroidAnalytics have done it again with Droidsense.

Adsense – Google adsense is a widely used advertising revenue system for internet marketers and web developers. Anyone can sign up for a free adsense account which will give the user html code to embed into their website. This code will display ads relevant to the content on the page and when ads are clcicked the user is compensated. Its the way a lot of online organizations pay the bills and fund their projects.

Droidsense – It is currently the only adsense app in the market I could find but honestly I don’t need more selection. Very inexpensive, this app is a no-brainer for any adsense user. They even have a demo version you can tryout until you are convinced.

adsenseKey features :

    • DroidSense allow you to analyze your Adsense™ performance daily, weekly, monthly and yearly from your Android™ Phone
    • Multi-accounts (If you manage more than one Google Adsense™ account, DroidSense can import datas from all your accounts)
  • Reports by day, week, month, year
  • Revenue charts by day, week, month, year (Chart generated of the current list view)
  • You can manage Date Format, Number format, Money Symbol ($/€)
  • Notification at the end of the update to see how many you earned since last update.
  • You can choose witch CSV file to import (Adsense For search, for Mobile Content, for Domains, for Feeds, for Videos and Referrals) separately by account
  • Etc…

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