DropBox: Android File Sharing Access System

dropboxThis is what you have been waiting for. Dropbox has quickly gained popularity as the best file sharing system available. Have you ever been working on a document at the office and wished you had access to it at home? Do you collaborate on documents and projects with others? Use Dropbox to access a master version of your team’s files. Simply download and install the Dropbox software to all of your computers at home and at work. Dropbox will add a new folder to your desktop or “Documents” folder in windows. Any files that you store or save in that folder will be auto-synchronized in all your Dropbox folders on all your computers.


Now Dropbox has released a new Android app that enables the same synced folder on your Android device. You can open files (assuming you have an app capable of reading the file type), email files, and share them via other means. All around this is an amazing way to have quick access to all the most important documents and files you need from anywhere.

Dropbox also allows the sharing of sub-folders with other Dropbox users making it easier than ever to coordinate with others with one constantly synced document or file.

Download the Dropbox app today and get your account started.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Matthew White

    Dropbox is excellent – being using on my laptop. work and home PCs for a while. It was the first app I installed on the HTC Desire.

    What’s great is that it just works!


  • Mike

    Interesting, I just installed DropBox on both my PC and EVO. Couple of questions:

    When I add an item from my PC to DropBox, is it actually downloaded to my phone, or is it sitting at the server waiting for me to download it? Not sure I want to automagically download 2GB of stuf to my phone all the time.
    In the same vein, is DropBox “always on” on my phone, and thus eating up my battery?

    Thanks for the article.

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Dropbox on the PC does automatically download and store the most recent version of each file but Dropbox on your phone does not. It will download files only when you open them.

      No it doesn’t run unless you open it.

      All good news I think.


  • simon

    If you haven’t gotten Dropbox, get it now. Dropbox is a backup tool that lets you sync your files between multiple computers. You simply install the software on all computers you want to sync your files on. Then simply drag and drop your files into a folder that Dropbox software creates on your desktop and voila the files are now also on your other computers. No more need for a usb stick.

    Sync your files online and across computers with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

  • Maura

    Thanks for this, I’m going to give it a try right away. It sounds like it could be just what I needed for some projects.