Facebook Chat is Added to the Official Android App

facebook chat on androidGreat news! Facebook has added chat to it’s official Android App. I heard that they had done this a few weeks ago but I just got around to testing it out on my Nexus 1. I’m impressed with the utility of the feature. It seems to work quickly.

If someone initiates a chat online it doesn’t notify me on my phone which is lame but when I started a conversation on the app and then returned to my home screen, I did get a notification when my friend replied to my chat.

Give a shot and let us know what you think. To see more screenshots visit our Facebook Photo Album.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Hey…I started using the chat feature…once the list actually downloaded that is. Nice feature, works well, gives notifications, and is easy to navigate as well. Thumbs up…but how much time am I gonna waste now I wonder???
    Thanks Jacob for the downlow!