Facebook Scheduler = Procrastination Mode

I am a procrastinator. If there was a way for me to procrastinate procrastinating I would do it. This article, in fact, was slated for this morning. And here it is 10:30 pm… That’s actually novice procrastination since it’s still the same day but I haven’t sent it to the editor yet so we’ll see.

Facebook has recently added a procrastination feature that is so genius! It’s disguised as an efficient form of posting but I recognize the whole idea of “let’s just put this aside until later”.  I post on our Facebook page for my job and sometimes we need to post specific items on specific days. The old way was to set a calendar reminder, and then a phone reminder, and probably a sticky note or two so I didn’t “forget”.  The old way worked but sometimes I would “forget” for too long and then the day would be over and I’m trying to word a ‘merry belated Christmas” post.

The new way is pretty seamless. I’m able to grab my phone, make the post and not have to think about it. Let me show you how easy this is (please keep in mind this only works on your Page in Facebook and not on your personal Timeline.


Open the Facebook App and navigate to your business page. Get your post ready for publishing and click “Next”.


At this point you are given the option to post now or schedule for a later time. Click on the bar that says “How do you want to publish this?”


Now you have the choice to Post Now, Schedule or Save Draft.


You can see that you have scheduled posts in your dashboard now. If you open this area you will see the list of posts you’ve scheduled. You can always go in and edit these at any time.

I want to  thank Facebook for allowing me to continue working on my procrastination skills while keeping me way more efficient, but I'll do it later….

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