FBabble + fBook = facebook, FOR FREE!

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If I got paid hourly for the time I spent on Facebook I would not need to do anything else to support myself. I am sure I am not the only one who mis-employs hours of mine (or my employers) time on facebook. I have friends that work in tech support for a company that owns several internet dating sites and people were on facebook there so much that the management has blocked the employees from even accessing the site. That behavior coupled with a study by Men’s Health that “proves” that spending some of the bosses time on social networking sites is really beneficial to your effectiveness at work and not the contrary as the management at my friends work place suggests. That is what prompted me to download and review a few popular FREE Facebook apps in search of how to get the absolute best facebook experience from your mobile phone so that the boss does not know how much of his/her time you truly spend chatting with friends, looking at pictures and playing mafia wars. Once I find a way to do that from my phone, game over my productivity goes from 50% to 1.5% maybe… that game has my goat.  They announced that they had an iPhone app for their game (silly misguided creators) but have yet to show an app for android.  In that event, look out.

So, Mafia Wars aside, I was not able to find a free app that really effectively delivered the entire facebook experience to my fingertips on my super sweet android G1 phone. But i kinda am OK with that and I’ll explain why. First off I want to say I was really disappointed with androids browser version of facebook.  If I was logged into chat when I was on my computer then I was logged into chat when I got on the mobile browser and accessed facebook.  So what would happen is I would get an email saying hey so and so added you as a friend I would open my phone to confirm the friend request it would log me into chat and someone would chat me while I was on my phone and i was not able to chat them back.

So my need for a facebook app was created, I wanted an app that was first and foremost free. That’s the whole idea with this android market thing if i remember right… and i wanted to access all the content pictures, chat, comment on status’ and pictures and albums and what not. And I wanted to be able to be logged out of chat and just do facebook sometimes too.screenshot

I started with fBook. it was the most popular and seemingly most relevant of all the free apps so i downloaded it and played around for a couple hours. I like that i am able to access photos and comment on them, that’s huge for me. However i was bugged that you couldn’t access stuff on the wall to comment other than status’. I like making smart alek comments so that was a negatron there. I was also bugged that its basically a window for the mobile version of faceboook but i liked that they organized it by tabs which made it a little more accessible.  I loved that i could upload photos straight from my mobile phone so that made things instantly available to me jealous friends when i was on awesome vacations… however my two biggest beefs with fBook are 1. the chat tab. They should just get rid of it. its only for private  messaging which you can do alot easier and faster from other places in the app and the actual feature it should run, (facebook chat) runs shoddy like the browser runs it.  However after experimenting with the FBabble app I kinda like that fBook drops the chat ball. Sometimes I want to chat, other times I just want to facebook and comment and write on walls.  My other huge beef with fBook is I am unable to access fan pages. and being that android social media  (that’s us) has a fan page http://budurl.com/vafa that I like to be able to edit, I was prettty miffed about that. But thats what I love about a rooted G1, I can use it as a wireless router and then no matter where I am my computer can log onto the wifi that my phone is emitting and I can edit and change my facebook anything: profile, fan page, whatever.  All using the internet my phone is providing for my computer, yeah its slow, but its better that paying 80 bucks a month for a wireless aircard…


FBabble is great I like that its quick, easy and makes perfect sense. you can have multiple chats open, you can swipe your finger to change from conversation to conversation you can do other stuff while the app is open and it will alert you when someone you are chatting writes back. I love that the whole status is displayed when people are logged in.  4 stars.  My only beef with FBabble is that sometimes as you open and close the app  it will confuse who said what… but its not that big a deal.  I’m not enough of a space cadet to forget or not be able to tell what i said verses what the person I’m chatting said.  All that aside, its true its not perfect… but I couldn’t find an app that really satisfied all my facebook needs…  So, you developers out there and anyone reading this post. If you know of an app that really gets everything done on facebook cleanly and efficiently, let us know!  If your experience is the same as mine, maybe its time to write a new app that can truly do it all.

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  • slynn

    The first version of the FBook app was much better. When they relaunched it a few weeks ago…it has all sorts of problems. Doesn’t remember your login. Hangs up. Doesn’t let you scroll down more than about 8 status updates. I hate. I deleted it. Trouble is I can’t find any other app that did as good a job with uploading mobile photos. I may have to reinstall it just for that.