Foursquare For Android: Social Gaming & Marketing Revolution


When I first heard about Foursquare several months ago I thought it was a little silly to be announcing to my social circle everywhere I was, not to mention a little less than secure. When I finally got around to visiting the Foursquare website I explored the benefits to local businesses who participate and was very impressed.

Foursquare is an online social gaming website that is gaining popularity VERY quickly. Essentially users using their cell phones check in at “venues” around town throughout the course of their day. Check ins earn you points and badges. The highest prestige to be made mayor of a venue. The mayor of any particular venue is the person who has checked in the most in the last 60 days.

Local advertisers can offer special discounts or other types of offers to users who check in. Additional visits or check ins within a 30-60 day window can earn you higher level discounts from the venue. Mayors can also earn an exclusive offer from the business. Advertisers have a strong incentive to offer a special discount to people who check in since the check in process notifies all of the users Facebook & Twitter friends. This serves to socially spread the word!


Try it today. Download the official Foursquare application from the Android Market and start checking in! The application makes it very easy to setup your account as well as check for Foursquare friends on Twitter, Facebook, and your contacts.

As far as Foursquare applications go I’ve been very impressed with the Android app over the Foursquare app on other platforms. My friends with Palm, Blackberry, and even iPhones have has less luck with finding the right venue and seeing their points and friends activity.

Jacob S Paulsen (Currently Mayor of 3 Venues :) )

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  • Michael Bowers

    I feel like Foursquare is losing momentum in the location notification scene. Yelp has an app that I feel is better because you get reviews and info about the place as well as the ability to check in. Also, Google Latitude is picking up steam with its continuous updates of your location. If you want to be on the cutting edge (granted, with less wide-spread use so far), I recommend these instead.

  • admin

    I’m torn on the Foursquare vs Yelp debate. Foursquare is the inovator and is number 1 in the “check in” game but Yelp is more established over all and is already branded as the user review center. Yelp is now a one stop shop but I also want to be involved in the most popular and largest network for each service.

  • I prefer Gowalla over Foursquare myself. I like that inherently the game is meant to be played at places you go instead of gaming the system to check-in across the ocean with Foursquare.

  • kore sar

    Foursquare Android app is slow. Its usability is also not high. Servers are often down. Majorships are given quite sporadically, or not given at all. Lots of duplicate locations, I reported sone, but nothing happened, they are still there.
    No new features I saw for a long time.
    In short. Foursquare was innovative but it is dying at the moment.