FXCamera: Bloggers’ Favorite Android Camera app!

cameraFor many bloggers who travel from places to places, having one single device doing all photo jobs is god-sent.  That’s why I love about FXCamera, a free app with 6 different picture styles on Android phones.  Since Aug 09′,  FXCamera has been downloaded 5+ million times, and now, aren’t you also curious about why people love it!

Because FXCamera takes great quality and artistic photos,  I, as a travel blogger, no longer need to re-touch photos for blog posts.  I also feel FXCamera tends to forgive my shaky hands while taking pictures.  Images always come out lovely and artistic!

What are the 6 styles FXCamera offers?

  1. ToyCam: my favorite!  It gives you 10 different color modes to play with.  Pictures are so ‘it’ & super ‘in!
  2. Polandroid:  captures your pictures with a polaroid frame.
  3. FishEye: pictures in a fishball view :)
  4. SymmetriCam:  clone an image side-by-side! Odd!  Maybe if you like decoding symbols or letters, this may come handy!
  5. Warhol: oh…remember in the early 2000, a few websites offer transferring your pictures into Warhol-like photos?  Here it is!  You now can do it all w/ FXCamera!
  6. Normal:  plain normal!

I recently visited a historical house in NYC, and documented the place with FXCamera!  Check it out !  You may also find FXCamera fascinating, and the mots creative Android camera may come useful for your business or next travel!

By KRMichelle http://krmichelle.blogspot.com
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  • kore sar

    Try LittlePhoto, the app for editing photos. There are about hundred effects, and it is easy to use. Just give it a try.

    • Keef

      I have used this app right from the beginning of time, Android time anyway.

  • rrroger

    Or try Vignette!