Get Social with Flixster:: Movies on Android, Facebook, MySpace, & Bebo

Flixster_AndroidFlixster is the most popular movie application on Facebook and has become it’s own social network at Like any other social site you can add friends, send messages, and even IM om the site. It’s an easy way to network with similar people since you can see other user’s movie ratings and reviews but also a percentage 1-100 of how similar your tastes are in movies.

Flixster has had an application available in the Android Market for some time which allows you to view movies currently in theaters and on DVD. You can view reviews and watch the trailers. On October 27th they updated the app to allow you to login and view your own movies as well as rate and review new movies!

These new features set it apart as the premier movie app on Android and designate it a social media application! Rating movies may sound like a weak way to go about doing some social networking but people are passionate about cinema and the application will automatically match you up with people who have similar tastes.

Making contacts and adding friends directly from the application can be easy and the more moviews you rate and review the more people who will be likely to find you and add you as their friend.

In addition to being a great social tool, the Flixster app is also a great local movies tool. you can look up all your local theaters and check showtimes. You can read critic and user reviews and watch trailers. If you are at all into movies you need this application.

Jacob S. Paulsen

A few more ScreenShots:

screenshot1256782182407 Flixster_Android_app


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  • Do you have Any info on your sources ?

    • Sources for what? Any claims made above as to the features of the flixster website or app for Android could be verified by visiting the website or downloading the app from the Android Market. Any other claim (like it being the most popular movie app on facebook) is purely opinion of the author (thats me). So as for sources I guess I don’t know what to tell you other than to go to and verify whatever it is you have questions about.

  • N G Smith

    Have searched android market for flixster application an its not there, maybe just a New Zealand think?

    Your opinion would be appreciated, of link to flixster’s developers.