Good Thing I Have Spell Check: Wellwrite App for Android

I recently heard about a new application called Wellwrite! that is designed to help one learn how to spell commonly misspelled words in the English language. I thought I better check it out and see if my wife is correct about my awful spelling abilities.


On the surface the application is simple. Don't download and open it during an important meeting since by default the sound is turned on. Via the settings menu you can quickly turn off the sound if you choose and I also decided to change the font to something that was a little more what I am used to.

I first experimented with the One Player game. In a game you are presented with four multiple choice options of how to spell a specific word. You select your choice with a tap of the finger and find out if you are wrong or right. This proceeds for a total of 20 words per round. If you play the 2 player game then you answer the first question and then pass the phone to the person you are challenging. They respond to the same question and you proceed back and forth until the round is over. In the end you are prompted with how well each player did.

When you first start a round you can select from several difficulty levels but based on my experience I will be sticking to the easiest level for awhile.  At the end of each round you can also review all the incorrect answers you gave making it easier to learn from your mistakes.

Its fun and addicting and more importantly I will hopefully improve my spelling skills. Until then I better stick to spell check!

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    Cool game!