Goodreads Droid: Social Reading Network on Android


I love to read and I love to network online. Goodreads is my type of site. Goodreads is a stand alone website at but it is also the most popular reading app on Facebook. Here is a great tutorial of how to setup your profile.

Goodreads is a great opportunity to see what your friends are reading, post your own reviews and recommend books to friends. There are also some great community features. You can join or start book groups. Within groups you can add books to the group book shelf and hold discussions. Groups can be public or private!

Android App

I’ve been waiting for 2 years for a decent Goodreads app to enter the Android Market. Not too long ago Goodreads released an official iPhone app but they are still slacking in the Android arena. Luckily a developer named Hactar has launched an app named Goodreads Droid to answer the call.

The app costs $0.99 and I feel its well worth it. From the app you can see your news feed to keep up on what your friends are reading. You can also browse and see all your reading shelves and make changes to your status, marking a book as “currently reading” or writing a review for a book you recently changed.

The interface is really clean and I think the developers are committed to top quality. If you like to read check out If you like check out Goodreads Droid.

Don’t hesitate to add me as a friend on Goodreads @

More app screenshots available on our Facebook Page.

Jacob S. Paulsen

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  • I tried this application. Bought. Now I’m sorry, it’s very long opening page is very slow.
    And today is better to use the official application, which was recently released.


    It’s free, works on the order of magnitude faster that you suggested. All necessary functions for working with service in this program is. Very convenient!

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Dennis, thanks for the heads up on the new official app. I just downloaded it and its great