Google Analytics on Android – Traffic Reporting

If you operate a website online it becomes important to have some way of tracking your audience. Some of the questions that you should be asking are:

  • How many people visit your website each day?
  • How long do they stay on your site?
  • Which pages do they view?
  • How did they come to be on your site?
  • Where do they live?
  • How do these numbers compare with yesterday or last week’s traffic?

Google Analytics has long been the best tool online for tracking your visitor information and thus answering all of these questions. That is why our tram has been testing various apps from the Android Market to find out which offered the best mobile solution to bringing you visitor info to your Android device.

Since there is no real good reason for us to talk about our less than favorite apps we are going to stick to just two. Our favorite free app and our favorite app overall (paid).

mAnalytics. For a free app this is really good and for most people this will probably be good enough for you. It will allow you to view basic stats for any of your profile’s by any custom date range. You can view total visits, pageviews, pages/visit, bounce rate, avg time on site, and % of new visits.

You can view some basic charts to geta feel of your site’s performance over time but nothing complicated.

DroidAnalytics. This app has a lot of great features. We were very impressed with the speed at which the app moves and loads data. This alone would make it worth paying for. The default layout is in landscape and shows you a quick view of all your standard traffic stats with a break-down below. This “table” view took a minute to really understand how to manipulate it with the controls but is really great at displaying the data.

Android Google Analytics 01

You can also view stats for visitor country origins, top performing keywords, and traffic sources. These are three features that no other app we tested could display at all, let alone in a quick and easy to use layout like DroidAnalytics.

Google Analytics Android 02

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