Google Maps with turn by turn now available for 1.6 android users

On Nov 23, Google announced that the Google Maps Navigation — that at first was only available to Android 2.0 users (Droid users) — is now available to devices running Android 1.6. Google Maps Navigation offers FREE turn-by-turn, (sexy) voice-guided directions between two points. Google Maps Navigation for Android 1.6 also offers support for more layers. The new application is available for free in the U.S! Download it now!






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  • jim

    Do all the android phones other than the droid have an actual GPS receiver? or are they just using cell tower aGPS like the iDont??

  • Well…. I’m no hardware expert but I can tell you that the GPS reading works in places where I don’t get cell service and that its accurate up to 3 meters so….