Google Reader + NewsRob = Effective RSS

This is a two part post. First we need to discuss rss feeds. As you begin to network with others online you will begin to want/need to subscribe to other people’s blogs. This is how you invest in yourself in social media. Find the best people whom you can learn from and subscribe to their blogs.

readerThe term RSS feed refers to a consistent feed of new information that can be subscribed to. Blogs, news sites, and twitter profiles are all in the format of RSS. There are lots of different ways to subscribe via email etc but the most effective way is by utilizing a RSS reader. The most popular of which is Google Reader.

If you have an Android phone (we have to assume you do) you will also find a HUGE increase in effectiveness by reading blogs from your phone. It will decrease wasted time in a big way!

readerNewsRob is the best program available for the android platform right now. It downloads content to your phone’s SD card. It syncs directly with your google reader account. It works fairly well and has some decent options. Newsrob has released two updates in the last 7 days and I’m more pleased than ever. It allows for easy reading of your blogs and I love that it syncs the statuses. It downloades new entries in the background so that when you open the program you are ready to start reading.

Newsrob also allows for you to share articles in google reader or by email. This program really is fantastic.

Remember that our overall goal is to maintain an online presence in social media without wasting a lot of time or becoming tied to our computers. This program is a HUGE part of making that happen.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

newsroblogin newsroblabels

newsrobarticle newsroboptions


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  • admin

    Wow, the new update that just came out this week is awesome! My favorite feature is that it only displays unread articles!

  • Brian

    I had it before but need to re-download it. It almost feels like I get a better experience using the browser’s reader interface though. I can star items, share items, and email items. One would almost have to question the point in using NewsRob. Not that it is a bad program, but the space the application takes up is my issue. Is there something that this program does that the web client does not?

  • Yes, it runs offline and allows you to read your new posts without having to wait for any download or load time. It also does allow you to star and share items so you aren’t missing anything either.

  • davidsun

    Recommend a better one, EasyRSS,, good interface and fast syncing.