Google Translate: Over 60 languages right in your pocket

It's becoming rather apparent that Google is doing its best to take over the world. So it comes as no surprise that the company that is trying to take over the world has a useful and easy to use app that will help you talk with it. The Google Translate app takes the effectiveness of the Google Translate webpage and puts it in a comprehensive mobile format. Making it easy to translate to and from the over 60 languages available. The app’s sleek design is a very example of what consumers look for in a mobile phone application. It has a nice simple layout with perfectly sized buttons and display.

translate  However amazing the app’s design is, the place where the app really shines above all others is its features. After five minutes with the app it becomes clear how many features this seemingly simple app has. To start with you can choose what language you’re translating from and what language you’re translating too, but where the Google Translate app shines above most of it’s competitors in this aspect is the famous “Detect Language” feature that so many Google Translate users have come to love. This is an obviously useful tool if you are unaware as to what language you’re starting out with and need it translated into your native tongue quickly.

Easily detecting a language is just the start of this app’s features. The Google Translate has a “SMS translation” button that with a few simple clicks can translate any message you’ve received into any of the languages available without having to copy and paste. Inside this nice little feature is the “Conversation Mode”. In this feature the user can simply talk to their phone as if in a conversation and it would tell them how to say it in the preferred language. Although, the conversation mode is in alpha, and does have some flaws, it does provide a nice look into what is to come.translate

The Google Translate app will become a useful tool for someone going on a trip to Mexico as well as a person about to make a business deal with a Chinese speaking partner. The app has a sturdy present build, and shows potential for its future updates. It’s free in the Android Market so I suggest checking it out.

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  • Well google translate is cool to use as long as it is used for personal stuff only, not for serious matter or business, and only simple sentences. There is security issue along with this cool app and the whole google translate that it is actually a database for everything -not only new words or phrases of any languages, just don’t try to translate business contract for example. Well maybe you all already know about this better than me.