Google Voice now includes 2 Widgets


The latest version of Google Voice includes 2 new Widgets to facilitate the use of the program. One of the more annoying features of Google Voice is trying to decide if you want to use Google Voice to make all your calls, only international calls, none of your calls, or to prompt you on every call. If you, like me, use your Google Voice number for work and your primary number for person calls (or vice versa) you probably have to set the app to prompt you on every call. One of the new Google Voice widgets makes it easy to toggle between these settings.

The other widget displays the most recent message in your inbox. There are right and left arrows that make it easy to cycle through all the messages on your inbox. Pressing on the message opens the app to that message.

Jacob Paulsen

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  • Looks as though Android 3.0 (codenamed Gingerbread) might be released sometime in December. Hopefully they can gear this release towards tablets, I’d like to see some levels of competition with Apple’s iPad! I’m excited to possibly see one more opponent in the industry that doesn’t have numerous restrictions or could just play Flash content.

  • Jeff

    With Google voice, are all the calls be charged to me? Meaning, do I have to pay for the calls?



    • admin

      The Google Voice service is free. It doesn’t cost anything to make or receive national calls. It does of course use your standard minutes as part of your cell phone plan but otherwise there are no additional costs. You can prepay for credit on Google Voice if you would like to make international calls.

  • Jörn

    Hi all,

    does anybody know when google voice is available in germany?


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone gotten the google voice widget to work for international calls? i know it works in the USA which is really nice but need it to connection international calls.