Google Voice on Android – The Revolution Continues

Google continues to change our world and Google voice is no exception. Google voice is currently available upon invite only but then again gmail used to be that way too. Your friends that already have Google voice cannot send you an invite but you can request an invite directly from Google. Visit more info on requesting an invite.

What is Google Voice? Google Voice (GV for short) is unlike anything else on the market. Combining voip technology with google innovation, GV provides a simple solution to communicating with your various contacts around the world.

You first choose a number from the large selection provided. This is super innovative as you can search for a specific string of numbers if you choose. Then you enter all of your existing phone numbers including your home phone, cell, work, etc. Here is where it gets fun.

You set up a default setting for numbers that are not listed in your contacts. These settings include a voicemail greeting and where to route their calls (your cell, work, home, etc). Then you setup custom voicemail greetings and settings for groups of contacts. Perhaps you would like family members to always be routed to your cell and hear a more personal voicemail greeting. Work associates on the other hand can be routed to your work line and receive a more professional greeting. When people leave a voicemail message you get an email with the audio as well as a transcripted text of the voicemail message.

In addition your contacts can send you text messages and these will be routed to your cell phone where you can reply. All this without your contacts ever knowing your cell phone number. You can give everyone the same phone number and design a back system to route them accordingly. Its genius!

You can also access all your texts and voice-mails by logging into your gv account on your computer. The dashboard is very much like gmail where you can label and archive voice-mails and texts alike.

One more thing! In comparing GV’s international calling rates with those of Skype and Magicjack I found GV to be cheaper to call countries that I call. To make an international call I only need to login to my online account and enter the number and click call. GV will then call the number and my cell phone connecting me to the call.

What is the Google Voice App for Android? The recently released official GV app for android brings all the great settings described above right to your cell.

Features include:

1. Make international call via GV right from your cell phone using GV’s cheap rates.
2. Send and receive text messages via your GV number/account.
3. Listen to & read GV voicemails.
4. Add call credit (for international calls) right from the phone.

The possibilities become endless!!!!google-voice-app-android

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  • Has anyone been able to use Google Voice on Android with just wifi and no sim?

    • I don’t think that would be possible. The phone calls are made through your normal carrier. The phone calls Google Voice and GV connects you to the end call.

  • Brian

    GV isn’t working for me. It never refreshes!

  • This is truly awesome! Thanks for putting this online!!!