Group SMS Tool With Invitation & Event Management

Welcome InviteWiz to the Android Market. This innovative app is making new ground in the productivity arena. I was a little skeptical at first that I could really plugin to the concept but I’m now a firm believer.

groupInviteWiz is essentially a complete event rsvp tool that works entirely via SMS text messages. You can create events, send invitations, track replies, and send group messages to invitees. Think of it like your outlook/google calendar. Just like Outlook you use InviteWiz to create a new event on the calendar and then select recipients to invite to the event. The invites go out and when your guests confirm you get updated. At any time you can open/view the event and all the confirmed guests. There are however 3 HUGE advantages to using InviteWiz over Outlook or Google Calendar.

  1. Neither you nor any of your guests need to have Outlook or Google Calendar. Anyone who can send and receive text messages can receive and respond to event invitations. They don’t even need the app or an Android phone.
  2. This is on the go. Outlook is a desktop software and while Google Calendar is accessible from your phone, there is nothing easier to use than InviteWiz
  3. This is SMS not Email. This means for a much faster and instantaneous response. Everyone has their phone on them and nobody goes more than a few minutes before reading and responding to a text message

My mind has been buzzing about the wide applications for this app. I see it being widely used and adapted both in social and business circles. What could be better for a group of friends to get the word out about a party tonight or for the department supervisor to call everyone together for a last minute huddle in the conference room?

With all the big mobile conventions happening around the globe we have been hearing a lot about group sms apps and this upcoming trend. I think InviteWiz takes that idea to the next level. Just imagine where else they could go with this. When I asked the developer, Gecko Interactive about their plans for the app they talked about a lot of features. We can expect an add free, paid version soon as well as features that will drive this app to the top of the Android Market popularity list.


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Jacob S Paulsen

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